Accreditation Process

There are numerous rules and regulations that govern every industry.
It is the responsibility of each organization to become familiar with and follow the various laws.

The Purpose

  • Providing services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards

  • Gain better trust with patients and families

  • Provide employees with a reference to common business practices, activities, and tasks

  • Grow your business and offer unparalleled quality.

  • Stand out from your competition

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The Know How

  • Our knowledgeble team of experts understand your challenges and can prepare your organization using MOCK Surveys.

  • We actively engage with your entire team to promote survey readines.

  • We have a working relationship and are held in high regard with ACHC and CHAP.

  • Achieve a benchmark for measuring quality. 

  • Maintain and increase the organization's reputation in the community.

  • Improve efficiency of operations.

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