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Training and Development

Learn and Grow with Cecilia Global Group!

We partner with Your Care Collective to equip your organization with the right "proactive" solutions to enhance your employees' overall well-being. 

Training with Intention

It's critical to work for a company that's invested in your development. When you look good, they look good. We create training modules that can be modified to meet any potential operational challenges and assist our customers and their team members in attaining technical certifications needed to meet job requirements. Providing professional development to employees is an important part of their career success at your business. 


The Cecilia Global Group (CGG), believes that even the best information is virtually useless unless applied to make a difference for individuals and organizations. 

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Choose the Training Best for Your Team:

Sharpening Your People Skills 

(For team building and personal growth)

A practical and fun learning experience that focuses on the traits of an effective team. Promotes understanding, appreciation, and communication among team members. Also enhances personal growth through practical steps. 


Resolving Conflict 

A proactive course for team members to effectively address conflicts and misunderstandings in the workplace.


Leaving A Legacy 

An enlightening process that helps team members identify the lasting legacy they want to leave behind at work and home. Encourages participants to create a plan and the necessary action steps for greater impact on the next generation. 


The Art of Adjusting Your Leadership Style 

Situational leadership principles are applied by teaching leaders to adjust their leadership style based on an individual’s commitment level and competency level.


Encouragement in the Workplace 

Designed to provide encouragement to individuals as well as teach proven, practical ways to encourage team members. 


The Empowering Leader 

The major focus of this course is to provide leaders with the tools to empower and equip associates – with the ultimate goal being greater ownership, responsibility and impact.


Consulting Services

Strategic Planning, Professional Development, Community Engagement, Environmental and Economic Justice, Government, Commercial, Nonprofit Organizations, Facilitation, Conferences, Workshops and Consultation, Keynote Speaking, Education and Training, Title IX, IT Networks, Cybersecurity, Satellite Communications, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Protocol, Recruiting and Oversight, Equal Employment Opportunity/Sexual Harassment, and Executive Leadership Training.

Our Sweet Spot

Cheerful multiracial friendly office business people laugh share takeaway pizza together,

Our Plan

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Our Results

  • In today’s world, employee development and processes are vital necessities in challenging times.

  • Our toolbox is focusing on Leadership Development, On-boarding, and Custom Solutions.

  • We are big enough to deal with your business needs, and flexible enough to grow as your needs grow.

  • Our strategic consultant provides face to face or virtual training sessions.

  • We customize every workshop and program to meet your organization's needs.

  • We offer 1:1 coaching based on targeted areas of focus.

  • Well-trained employees and strong leaders are the cornerstone to a robust workforce and our innovative professional development training and staffing services will foster better-quality business solutions for our client base.

  • We believe in providing high-potential opportunities to build portfolios with multiple positions in multiple locations across a company. 

  • Our partnerships with educational organizations allow us to incorporate CEU’s when applicable.

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